Weley Metaverse

Project Overview

The positioning and characteristics of Weley


Introduction to Weley Metaverse

Welcome to the world of Weley! This is a beautiful world where a variety of Weleys lived. As an aboriginal in this world, you need to learn how to get along with them. They will make you gain a lot here, in addition, all creatures are generated from caves in this world, and there are abundant props, forming a vast and colorful ecosystem.
In this Weley world, you are not only a user, but also the master of this world. Through the core tokens of Weley and NFT, you will fully harvest dividends from the growth of Weley ecosystem while using the product.
This Weley world is a metaverse built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has a broad product blueprint and its functions will be launched step by step. Initially, it will include a trading platform and NFT exchange market, followed by a social networking platform in the future.

Early-Stage Product

1. Decentralized Trading Platform: Weleyswap (Wswap)​

Low cost

Weley runs on Binance Smart Chain, where there are low transaction costs and affordable transaction fees.


Using a decentralized wallet for transactions, you have 100% ownership of your crypto assets.

The user is the master

Part of transaction fees of the trading platform will be distributed to the project's member holders or NFT holders, and in addition to setting aside a portion of tokens for initial liquidity, no investors and no pre-mining. The token will be distributed in a completely fair launch way.

2. NFT Market

NFT will be one of the protagonists in the world of Weley. It is as important as the core token of the project, with rich functions and combinations waiting for you to explore. We will provide a trading market for everyone to make free bids and exchanges for NFTs.

3. Social network

This part will be launched in the coming days. Please stay tuned.

Project Features

More Scientific and Comprehensive Token System

The world of Weley has a more scientific token system than other trading platforms or NFT projects, specifically as follows:
  • Users have a greater right of the whole ecosystem's benefits, but also need a higher degree of participation.
  • In addition to the core token WE, the ecosystem also has an NFT system. The system will make full use of the characteristics of NFT’s “heterogeneous assets”allowing users to participate in projects in more diverse ways.
  • Users can choose the way they like to join. All beginners and experts can find fun from it.

Practical and Valuable NFT System

In the world of Weley, NFT is no longer a gimmick or speculative tool, but has practical functions and high value.
Here, NFT not only has rich categories and different functions, but also can be combined or integrated for upgrade. Also, it will have other more scenarios to be revealed.
Whether you are a newcomer to NFT or a veteran of trading and collecting NFTs, this place provides you with ample space for experimentation.

Ecosystem Landscape

Weley is a swap, or a place for NFT trading and use. Moreover, it is a vast world, a meta-universe in the early stage of construction. More functions are waiting to be announced in the future. Each part of the ecosystem is interrelated. The tokens or NFTs you hold may have a new value in the next stage.
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