Weley Metaverse


Governance policy
The Weley Metaverse community belongs to all users. The participation, support and enthusiasm of users determine the final appearance and scale of this world. Of course, the community will also repay users with growth. Because of this, so:

Fair Distribution

As a community project, all WE tokens of Weleys are distributed in a fair launch way, in addition to setting aside a portion tokens for initial liquidity, no investors and no pre-mining. The output and distribution of tokens are completely transparent. See “Tokenomics” for details.

Set up Community Fund

10% of the block output will be used as the project development fund, with an published and trackable address by the whole community. The fund is used to pay for the audits, operations and cooperation expenses to ensure the rapid progress of the project.

Community Resolution

After the smooth operation of the project, community governance will be gradually carried out. In the early stage, it will be promoted by the project founding team. Then later, the proposal will be initiated and voted through snapshot, and then governance will be carried out with a more standardized DAO.