Weley Metaverse

NFT Ecosystem

What is NFT

NFT is the abbreviation of non-fungible token, “heterogeneous token”, which is a concept relative to FT (homogeneous representation) in crypto assets. The common project tokens such as BNB, ETH, and stablecoins BUSD, USDT, etc. are all FTs. FT is suitable for referring to undifferentiated assets, such as currencies, securities, voting rights, etc.
NFT is suitable to refer to those unique assets that may need to be distinguished, such as collectibles, props with obvious number attributes, and differentiated financial rights.
Just as the human world cannot refer to everything with homogeneous notes. With the development of the crypto world, those assets and rights that cannot be uniformly labeled. It needs to be defined by a new asset standard. This is why NFT exists.

NFT in Weley Metaverse

The reason why Weley World needs to introduce NFT is not to catch up with the trend or create a gimmick, but because of the vast blueprint, which has a large number of assets and rights with differentiated functions and values. NFT is the best carrier for them.

Income-yielding NFT: Gem Weley

In the Weley world, there are 4 major types of NFTs. Currently, only the first type of income-yielding NFT has been announced: Gem Weley.
Gem Weley are said to be an artifact held in the hands of some God of Wealth. As a hand-held artifact, the Gem Weleys symbolize generosity, desire to give, treasure and achievement.
The total number of Gem Weleys is 20,000, and all of them will be distributed to community users, of which 15,000 will be distributed in the form of Gem Weley fragments from the Farm through farming within 60 days. User will get a Gem Weley(Randomly to obtain Weleys of different levels, the higher the level, the lower the probability of obtaining it). After staking it, he will obtain the Weleyswap trade fee according to the weight proportion of NFT’s power level. The Weley has excellent value capture ability.
Gem Weley will have 4 attributes:
1. Reference number: Number
2. Image: WeleyGem picture
3. Grade: 1-6
4. Power level: 1000-1000000
The initial state of the Gem Weleys is the Gem Weley blind box, and the Gem Weley blind box can be minted through the WeleyGem Fragment (bep20) token. For the acquisition and exchange of WeleyGem fragments, please check:

NFT: Meat

Meat is a kind of prop-type NFT. When you use it on the farm, your Weley partners will farm harder, thereby increasing the speed of your LP income. There is no upper limit on the total amount of meat NFTs. 100 meat mystery box NFTs will be distributed every day through farming in the form of meat fragments on the Pterosaur farm. You can obtain meat fragments through the farm. The specific method is as follows:
The meat fragments are BEP-20 FT token. 10000 meat fragments can be converted into a meat box. Opening the box can obtain a meat NFT of level 1-6, which is in random level:
After you get the meat NFT, you can boost your LP income in the Pterosaur farm, the specific way is:
If you want to use meat NFT, there are a few points to note:
1. After using the meat NFT on your LP and turning on the boosting, when you withdraw or reduce the liquidity, the meat NFT will become invalid; increase the liquidity and the meat will not become invalid until you reduce or withdraw the liquidity
2. You can use meat NFT multiple times on your mobility in the Pterosaur farm, but its effect is the effect of the last meat NFT you used
3. Harvest will not affect the effect of meat

Other NFT

There are other NFT types in Weley World, their functions and usage scenarios are different, so stay tuned.

NFT market

You can display, sell and buy NFTs sold by others here, and also, you can buy official NFTs here. The specific method is: