How to get Gem Weley Box

Gem Weley Box and Gem Weley Fragments

Gem Weley Fragments(BEP20)、Gem Weley Box(NFT)and Gem Weley(NFT)
The Gem Weley is opened from Gem Weley Box, and each Gem Weley Box is an NFT with unique number. There are two ways to obtain the Gem Weley Box. The first is to buy directly on the NFT market or get it by transfer from others. The second way is to exchange the Gem Weley fragments. 100,000 Gem Weley fragments can be converted for 1 Gem Weley Box. Unlike the Gem Weley Box, the Fragment is an FT token in the Bep20, which can be obtained by providing liquidity in the Farm.
The process of converting Gem Weley fragments for Gem Weley is as follows:
Vist the mall here
1.Click Approve
2.Click "Buy" to convert Gem Weley fragments for Gem Weley NFT at a ratio of 10000:1
3.The NFT can be found in "My bag"-"My NFT"
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